There is so much to do in Scotland


Come and discover all of the wonders that Scotland has to offer! It is a fantastic place that is world-famous for its beautiful and stunning scenery, amazing culture and buzzing community! You will never be short of a memorable moment when in Scotland. If you aren’t taking pictures, trying out the local food and drinks or emerging yourself among the friendly local Scots, then you will be trying out some of the most amazing and exciting adventures and activities the world has to offer!


2014 is Scotland’s Year of Homecoming! They will be having a whole yearlong celebration of everything that makes Scotland such an amazing and fantastic place to live and visit. What better time than now to go and visit Scotland while they celebrate all that they are passionate and proud of!



Scotland is well compact with an array of beautiful scenery! The vast nature of Scotland consists of farmlands and fields that you could spend all day wondering through while viewing the animal life. For the more adventurous, there are hills, mountains, forests and woodlands to hike and trek. You can really get a sense of nature, and clean fresh air in the glorious gardens and parks; or why not take to the water on one of the many canals, rivers or lochs! If you fancy yourself a bit of an explorer, or maybe just a sun dweller, then why not discover the amazing coasts and islands! You will never fall short of beauty and jaw dropping scenery in Scotland!



Scotland has an amazing history dating back thousands of years. You can view the 5000-year-old stone circles that are dotted around the islands, or even the new Scottish Parliament building from 1991! You will always hear locals telling you stories of heroes and villains, battles and monarchies. 

There are so many fantastic ships, churches, abbeys and castles to spend your days walking around. You can almost feel the rich and powerful history as if you were there! There are also galleries and museums where you can learn about, and exhibit some of the most fantastic pieces from our time. Explore the monuments and ruins to see where battles took place; it’s all so exciting!



Scotland has a fantastic nightlife scene. There are hundreds of bars and clubs, as well as restaurants of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your palette, style or budget you will certainly find something to tickle your taste buds in Scotland. Try traditional haggis, or if your not feel that brave stick to the good old fish and chips, or maybe something a bit more multicultural? You won’t fall short of Chinese, Indian and Thai restaurants in Scotland, so you will be sure to satisfy your stomach!



Scotland is so easy to access. With a number of major airports, you can fly to Scotland from all over the world. Scotland is also accessible by train, boat, car and bus! Within the city you can get around by bus, taxi, and good old walking!





Be amazed and excited

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