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International Moving Services

Moving home as well as job is always a stressful time, and if you're moving overseas it can be doubly so, with so many unknowns to confront. In the present poor economic climate in Britain many people are seeking better work opportunities abroad where there are more dynamic economies such as Singapore, Bahrain, Dubai, Hong Kong, Canada, or New Zealand. Many of these places are long haul destinations, so upping sticks in the UK and transporting all your belongings abroad can be a major undertaking. Getting a good removal company that is experienced and empathetic is crucial to getting the problem sorted with the least hassle.

It is very important to take time to find and liaise with a sympathetic and reliable removal company which may not be easy if you have never done it before. You can ask your local citizens advice bureau for a list of accredited international removal firms. You might also ask around amongst friends and contacts but a good way to get the right sort of help is by means of online reviews. A good example is movecorp international moving reviews online which helps provide the information you need.

You want a company that will respond quickly and deal efficiently and honestly with queries and problems, and who will turn up when they say they will to give a proper quotation of costs.

Some important points to consider are the storage of your possessions before, during, and after transit, and the type of packing materials used and the packing and unpacking procedures. You will also need to be sure you have adequate insurance for loss or damage.

It is as well to get at least a couple of quotations for such a large and important job, rather than just settling for the first one. It is important also to be sure that you have a quotation rather than just an estimate which is not a fixed figure and could be increased by the company after the job is complete without you having any recourse to argue. A quotation should be a fixed sum that wonít vary by more than 10% at most, and you should budget appropriately.

Once you have your quotations it is worth checking out the prospective companies online to see what sort of customer reviews have been posted; whether in the main they are favourable or unfavourable. If there are positive testimonials then that is a good sign, but you do not want to be seeing reviews where people complain about sudden changes of delivery dates without reason, cases of damage to personal possessions due to crates being dropped at the docks, or other similar stories. There can of course occasionally be unforeseen circumstances, but in the main a reliable international remover should be able to satisfy enough clients that they speak well of the company. The reputation of a company is there online for you to see with a little digging, and is the only way you can try to ensure reliable service. A good company will probably be a member of a trades association which gives added credence to their reputation.

Obviously you should check your dates carefully and have written confirmation of the firmís commitment to those dates as part of the contract which should also set out agreed terms of payment plus an inventory list. Moving abroad requires careful planning and attention to all aspects of the operation, so that you leave as little as possible to chance.

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Happy Clients

Hear from some explorers

I visited Scotland last summer with some friends. There was so much to do and see that we weren't sure how we would fit it all into our trip! Highlands helped us to plan it all perfectly!
By Jenny Marshall

Happy Clients

Hear from some explorers

For our 10 year wedding anniversary me and my partner went to Scotland to explore. We used Highlands to help us plan our adventure and we really had the most fantastic time! Thank you to all of the team!
By Ben Walton