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Top Cruises with Alcohol Included

Mainstream lines for cruising have endorsed all-inclusive packages; these means tht apart from entertainment, you also get drinks! These drinks, which include soda and liquor, are in your transport expenses. The system allows for cruisers to pay a base price for all the drinks. Will the fine print and high prices influence cruisers to take la carte, or will they be attracted by the many wines and cocktails sampled?

Cruises by Azamara Club

The cruises include beers, white and red wines, and standard spirits. However the line has nine all-inclusive drinks at a fee. There are more choices in the packages than in their compliments. 


Fine Print: You can pre-order the packages through travel agents or the club cruises, or onboard through the entire cruise. You are charged from the day of purchase. They are non-refundable and cannot be devalued after purchase. You are allowed only a drink at one time. You can also order using room service.


The program named Cheers! is included in all the cruise ships, except for those headed to Australia. The package has non-alcoholic cocktails, energizers, bottled water, soda, Honest Tea, coconut and vitamin water. There is also a 25% discount on Champagne and wine bottles, beverage seminars and classes, and cocktails above $50.


Fine Print: Every one over 21, within a cabin must buy a package bought by one adult. Members shouldn’t buy more than one package at a go. There is five-minute duration between purchases, and drinks are all served open. This excludes souvenir glasses. 


They had the best packages; in 2009 it was the first to introduce alcohol packages. It included premium and classic nonalcoholic drinks, water, wine and soda packages. It now has 3 kinds of all-inclusive packages. Standard Package incorporates any drink, including water and soda. It also has 10% discount on bottled wine.


Fine Print: Package prices have an extra 18% service expense. Packages are bought for the whole cruise; they are non-refundable. However, you can buy packages onboard before the last two nights of cruising, at allocated prices. Packages are exclusive of purchases from room service, Enomatic dispensers or room service. You can cancel or change orders online or on phone 4 days before cruising.


Costa all-inclusive package includes alcoholic drinks, coffee and a glass of soft drinks. It costs 24.99 Euros per day; head, inclusive of service charges. It is meant for all above 18. The package for those aged 4-17 is 15.99 Euros, including soft drink glasses and service charges. It should be booked together with all-Inclusive 18+ drinks. 


Fine Print:  Premium and mini-bar drinks are excluded. All cruisers travelling together must buy the package.

MSC Cruises

The Premium All-Inclusive adult (Caribbean cruises, $61 per day, per head) and Allegrissimo Premium All-Inclusive adult (Mediterranean cruises, $53) packages have all the wines, beers, premium cocktails and spirits, water, energizers and soda among others. They also have Pastry and Gelateria Shops onboard. The package applies to onboard restaurants, bars and lounges. 


Fine Print: If a person buys a package in your cabin, you must all buy it. There must be an equivalent package bought for under 21; or under 18 cruisers in non-US cruises. Packages are bought throughout the cruise period. 

Norwegian Cruises

It has two packages. The “Caps and Corks" at $59 , including an 18% gratuity; with some soda, fountain juices, glass wines and beers of $15 and below. "Ultimate Beverage" costs $79 including 18% gratuity. It includes all those in the first package plus cocktails and liquor worth $15 and below, applicable on the private island, onboard restaurants, lounges and bars. 


Fine Print: The second package can only be bought 5 or more days before cruising, and onboard for 3-4 day cruises. It attracts 18% gratuity. It allows for only a drink per order. 

Oceania Cruises

It has two packages. House Select, at $39.95, with Champagne, beer, wine, lunch and dinner. It is available through room service but not in mini-bars. 

Fine Print: You can pre-order through a booking agent or online; price includes gratuity. They are available onboard always; prices allocated for the remaining days. Packages are non-refundable, upgradable but not down-gradable.

Princess Cruises

$56.35 plus 15% gratuity, includes soda, beer, glass wines and cocktails below $10. Nonalcoholic drinks are in bottles or cans. It includes shakes and mocktails, espresso, tea and coffee, specialty drinks and food. There is a 40% on bottled wines below $100.

Fine Print: Packages are available for cruises lasting a week or more. Stateroom cruisers don’t have to buy it.

Royal Caribbean

It offers alcoholic packages. The Select Package at $39, with beer and glass wine - below  $8 for Alaska and Caribbean cruises, and $9 for South America, Australia and Europe- and fountain sodas with souvenir Coca-Cola glasses and  20% discounts for bottled wines. Premium Package costs $49, with premium and house cocktails below $12, beers, frozen cocktails, premium glass wine below $12, stilled water, nonalcoholic cocktails, and fountain sodas and souvenir Coca-Cola glasses, 20% discount on bottled wine.  


Fine Print: The packages apply for cruises lasting 3 or more nights. They are bought within the last 4 cruising days. Packages are bought by only those who need it. You can buy one per purchase. It has no daily limit.

Parting Shot

There are endless options when it comes to all inclusive cruises; you only need to pick the one whose services you prefer most. 

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