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There is so much to do in Scotland

Where to Buy Paris Souvenirs

Every year millions of tourists come to France from all over the world. What is it that attracts tourists to this wonderful country? It is not easy to site a particular reason because this European country has a lot to offer in terms of beaches, mountains, rolling grasslands and historical sites.

Why Do Tourists Visit France

Starting from the beautiful beaches, amazing ski resorts, picturesque country sides, tranquil pastoral scenery, significant heritage sites, historical castles and stunning gardens are among a few reasons which attract a  huge crowd of tourists annually. In addition, the fine wine, delicious cheese and the scrumptious French cuisine is something many want to savour. The clean air, the sparkling water, the rugged mountains and the sand on the beaches add on to the thrills.

France also boasts a fairly temperate climate and a wide region spread over different natural environments. Which makes it possible for France to offer a wide range of activities -- sports, leisure or cultural -- to the many tourists. Read More...

Top Cruises with Alcohol Included

Mainstream lines for cruising have endorsed all-inclusive packages; these means tht apart from entertainment, you also get drinks! These drinks, which include soda and liquor, are in your transport expenses. The system allows for cruisers to pay a base price for all the drinks. Will the fine print and high prices influence cruisers to take la carte, or will they be attracted by the many wines and cocktails sampled?

Cruises by Azamara Club

The cruises include beers, white and red wines, and standard spirits. However the line has nine all-inclusive drinks at a fee. There are more choices in the packages than in their compliments. 


Fine Print: You can pre-order the packages through travel agents or the club cruises, or onboard through the entire cruise. You are charged from the day of purchase. They are non-refundable and cannot be devalued after purchase. You are allowed only a drink at one time. You can also order using room service. Read More...

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Happy Clients

Hear from some explorers

I visited Scotland last summer with some friends. There was so much to do and see that we weren't sure how we would fit it all into our trip! Highlands helped us to plan it all perfectly!
By Jenny Marshall

Happy Clients

Hear from some explorers

For our 10 year wedding anniversary me and my partner went to Scotland to explore. We used Highlands to help us plan our adventure and we really had the most fantastic time! Thank you to all of the team!
By Ben Walton